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Hargreaves Associates - Firm - Employment/Staff

Senior Principals
George Hargreaves
Mary Margaret Jones
Gavin McMillan

Kirt Rieder
Catherine Miller
Ken Haines
Misty March

Marketing Director
Ken Haines
Please contact via: hargreavesinfo (at) hargreaves (dot) com
Email is checked daily

Senior Associates
Mary Lydecker

Anchalee Annie Phaosawasdi
Amy Seek
Amy Linné
Brett Seamans

Senior Staff
Annabelle Hernandez
Jing Fan
Vinh Van
Eric Olsen
Shuangshuang Wu
Matthew Gindlesperger
Haemee Han

Evelyn Volz
Matt Perotto
Megan Esopenko
Kari Sorensen
Alex Weber
Rachel Stevens
Adrian Volz

Maureen Lucey Mihelich
Greg Haddox
Cassandra Santiago

Office Administrator
Michael Amador

To prevent unsolicited email, we do not post email addresses on our website. Our email address convention is the first letter of the employee's first name, their full last name, followed by For example, the email address for John Doe would be