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The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, London is a sustainable and contemporary urban park of international significance. This short film captures the role landscape architecture had to play in it's planning, design and delivery: The Olympic Park: a Landscape Legacy. This film was commissioned by the Landscape Institute; an Olympic Learning Legacy Partner.

The London 2012 Olympic Park combines centuries of British park design with groundbreaking green technology to create a new type of park for the 21st Century. The plan restores a river and transforms former industrial land, much of it contaminated through years of industrial neglect to create 100 hectares of parklands that provided a celebratory setting for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the Legacy Park for generations to come. The Hargreaves Associates design, with local partners LDA Design, was inspired by the Victorian and post-war pleasure and festival gardens and creates sweeping lawns, a promenade, access to the river, ample seating and public spaces throughout the park that showcased live screens during the Games. In legacy the Olympic Park will be a new green space for people and wildlife and will host the sports facilities that will remain for public use beyond the Games.

The head gardener of the Olympic Park says,"This may have the feel of a Chelsea show garden, where everything has been grown to be at its best for the same limited period of time, but it really isn't. After the Games, everything will be allowed to flower at its natural time of year. I've been a gardener for 35 years and I'd always previously worked on private estates because most municipal gardens are a bit crap. But this park is absolutely stunning."

Prominent London architect Piers Gough says,"the landscaping has really brought [the site] together and made it luscious," he said. "The way it has so many levels and goes down to the rivers and the canals has been very clever and makes a great Olympics site. I'm impressed."

The images below chronicle the transformation of the site from a post-industrial, neglected landscape to the 2012 Olympic Park.

Project Team

Park Master Plan - Hargreaves Associates and LDA Design

Landscape Architecture Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents - Hargreaves Associates and LDA Design

Landscape Engineering - South Park Arup; North Park - Atkins

Horticulture - North & South Park - Dr. Nigel Dunnett and Prof. James Hitchmough; South Park Sarah Price

Ecology - Dr. Peter Shepherd

Landscape Management - ETM associates